Vivian Whitney

︎ Laghetto Mandria Del Conte in Sicily, March 2022

Vivian Whitney, a young twenty-something, was born and raised in Texas, a fact she is quite proud of. She’s also quite proud of her bachelor’s in magazine journalism and her master’s in food anthropology. Her research and writing focuses on the intersection of food and enviornment as well as place-based pedagogy and nurturing sense of place. Besides Texas, places that she holds dear include Sicily and Upstate New York. 

        Vivian enjoys — nay, loves — the mundane in life and finds joy in the smallest of moments. She is a photographer and a poet and is always collecting collections. Umami is her favorite taste and she is constantly curious. When she’s not persuaded by her responsibilites, she loves to dream and muse, giggle and wonder, and ogle and sit with the world.

This here is a collection of some of her more “professional” work.