Vivian Whitney

︎ Laghetto Mandria Del Conte in Sicily, March 2022

Ciao — I’m a young twenty-something born and raised in Texas. Now I live in the Madonie in Sicily.

I’m an anthropologist of sorts. My work varies but tends to focus on the intersection of food and enviornment, sense of place, and outdoor education. I also manage people and places and things most of the time. 

I have a bachelor’s in magazine journalism and a master’s in food anthropology. 

I love the mundane in life and find joy in the smallest of moments. I believe in simple living in accordance with our surroundings. I’m a photographer, a poet, a collector, a forager, a fermenter, a dreamer, a teacher, a learner, and a generally curious person. Life is a little garden, and I’m doing my best to tend to my part of it.

This website is my digital garden.